2024 The Transport Project Achievement Awards

The Transport Project sponsors The Transport Project Achievement Awards to recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions toward the advancement of gaseous-fueled transportation.

They are awarded to nominees from all stakeholder segments, including but not limited to: TTP industry equipment and service suppliers, policymakers, customers, and clean air/clean transportation advocates.

Nominees’ disciplines include education, government relations/policy development, public relations/communications, marketing, technology and operations/applications, among others.

Judges representing The Transport Project will evaluate the nominees based on established judging criteria. The Achievement Awards program is non-competitive; the qualifications of the nominees dictate the number of awards presented. There is no pre-determined number of awards.


Although the awards program is noncompetitive, it is necessary to establish basic judging criteria. These criteria are designed to qualify the achievements and contributions of the nominees. Judges will be asked to assign a value of 1–10 to each of the following statements:

    Have significantly advanced the use of natural gas or hydrogen as a transportation fuel.
  • Are unique, innovative, or creative in approach to a problem or opportunity.
  • Are specific and have measurable results.
  • Advance community and The Transport Project industry goals of improving air quality, reducing dependence on oil, and decarbonizing fleet operations.
  • Illustrate good character and are consistent with ethical business practices.



  • Only The Transport Project members may make nominations, although nominees are not required to be
    members of The Transport Project. Nominations may be submitted for individuals, as well as for
    companies or organizations.
  • Members cannot nominate themselves, the companies they work for, or other employees of their
  • TTP members may submit up to three nominations.
    In addition to completing the attached form, nominations MUST include a supporting statement
    addressing the judging criteria.
  • Completed nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. (ET) Friday, May 31, 2024.



By Mail:
2024 The Transport Project Achievement Awards
c/o Rochelle Neal, Manager of Finance, Operations & Member Solutions
By Email: rneal@transportproject.org
By Fax: 202-824-7081